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Your easy choice for short-term housing.

The need to secure short-term housing for employees is increasing and, as a result, becoming a growing task for human resource departments. With demand outstripping supply in the national housing market and tighter scrutiny on short-term housing solutions like AirBNB, finding temporary housing for employees is getting tougher. Construction and military contracting enterprises, entertainment and production companies, traveling nurses, short-term staffing agencies and a host of other businesses need temporary housing and relocation services to support their employees for short-term assignments in the field.

 Partnering to support you and your people

Since 1998, PaySmart has been a trusted long-term partner for corporate short-term stays. Whether you are moving one employee or an entire department across the country, partnering with us saves you money and time. We’re experts in employee relocation so you don’t have to be.

A secret weapon for hiring

In today’s competitive job market, you need every tool at your disposal to land the best talent available. Signing on with a new company in a new city is exciting for new hires, but it can also be intimidating. Your incoming team members don’t know the area, and they need a place to live. Having an experienced partner to arrange short-term housing while employees focus on the onboarding process is a competitive advantage for your organization. With a single point of contact at PaySmart, your company can offer short-term housing and peace of mind to incoming employees during their transition. And that might be just what it takes to close the deal. What’s more, we take care of everything.

 Temporary relocation the PaySmart way

In a word, PaySmart simplifies corporate transfers, temporary relocations and short-term housing for busy HR departments without sacrificing choices that are important to employees. With one call a PaySmart specialist will arrange everything you need. Either you or your employee can choose the desired location, services and furnishings, and we take it from there. Plus, our long history and experience in temporary corporate relocations has allowed us to build relationships with properties and vendors in all 50 states that can save your company money.

With PaySmart, busy HR professionals can look after their people without the hassle of managing their moves. We’ll pay all the bills and send you a single invoice. When the assignment is over, we’ll close everything out.

Whether you’re onboarding new talent or temporarily relocating veteran specialists on assignment, PaySmart streamlines temporary housing for HR departments and makes life easier for everyone. Contact PaySmart today to find out how we can be your partner in short-term housing.