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International Relocation

Simplify your short-term stay

Relocating to the United States can be overwhelming. Whether it’s for three months or more than a year, international short-term relocation requires detailed organization to secure the perfect temporary housing setup without any chaos.

That’s where PaySmart steps in. We’ll streamline the process from start to finish by removing the barriers that often come with moving to the U.S. while keeping it simple.

No Social Security number

PaySmart doesn’t require a U.S. issued Social Security number in order to be a resident. We work directly with apartment managers and utility companies on your behalf so everything is ready when you arrive.

No credit checks

When an individual is not able to provide solid U.S. credit history when renting or purchasing goods and services in the U.S., businesses often charge additional fees. Working with PaySmart means no submitting to credit history reviews and with no extra cost to you.

No miscommunication

It can feel daunting to move to a country that doesn’t share your first language. Let us be your ambassador through the entire process with clear instruction and understanding of your needs. We’ll speak directly to U.S. apartment managers and utility companies on your behalf to ensure you stay connected.

Relax and settle in

PaySmart is ready to assist companies, organizations and individuals secure their short-term housing with ease.

We take care of everything from move-in to move-out with one phone call to one of our relocation specialists. Whether you’re moving for a new position, your education or otherwise, we’ll put together a custom package that includes rent, utilities, housekeeping and insurance. We even take care of furnishings and scheduling deliveries.

We make relocation easy

5 Reasons to Choose PaySmart


Prepare your move with one call.


We’ll set everything up for you.


Save valuable time and money.


We personalize to meet your needs.


Our hotline is available 24/7.

Since 1998, we have been taking care of professionals currently residing in the U.S. and those relocating to the U.S. internationally. PaySmart saves you time and money from move-in to move-out at no extra cost.

Whether you’re staying for a few months or longer while you adjust to a new community, we’re prepared to provide you the easiest global transition possible.

Have a question? Give our 24/7 hotline a call anytime.