Stay Smart with PaySmart

Your easy choice for short-term housing.

Individual Relocations

Tired of putting together a to-do list just to find a furnished apartment?

PaySmart makes it easy, with one point of contact for all your needs.

How do you create the comforts of home while you’re on a temporary assignment or waiting to occupy a new residence? Hotels are convenient, but they’re impersonal and expensive. Hosted travel can be just as pricey and not as private. The ideal solution is short-term housing in a fully furnished apartment that’s turnkey ready.

Since 1998, PaySmart has made it easy for people to handle the hassles of transfers, field assignments and new-home construction timing. With one call to us, you can find the right place to stay – and pay one monthly invoice for everything from rent and utilities to furnishings and services.

Choose your options

When you need short-term housing, PaySmart checks all the boxes on your list of must-have conveniences. Our comprehensive list of vendors makes it easy for us to find you the housing you want, add in all the features you expect and make sure it’s all ready when you arrive. Questions or problems? Our 24-hour hotline is at your service.

Once invoice, many conveniences

Why live out of a suitcase and juggle a stack of bills while you’re on a temporary work assignment or counting down to move-in day on a new house?

With PaySmart, now you can relax and focus on what’s important.

That’s convenience and peace of mind. With one call, make all the arrangements for a better place to stay. Contact PaySmart today and find your ideal short-term housing solution.

5 Reasons to Choose PaySmart


Choose your location, services and furnishings.


One monthly payment covers everything.


Cut temporary housing costs.


Our 24-hour hotline solves any problem, any time.


One point of contact handles all your needs.