Stay Smart with PaySmart

Your easy choice for short-term housing.

People have been quipping about time since, well, the beginning of time. Albert Einstein once said time is an illusion, and who’s going to argue with him? He has the math to back it up. But it’s also said that time is money, and if you’ve ever been tasked with securing short-term housing for you or your employees, you know exactly how much time and money can be spent getting everything done.

The clock is ticking

Think about the last time you had to find housing for a professional assignment. How long did it take you to research a new location, find an apartment, decide on furnishings and get utilities lined up and activated? On average, people spend four hours looking for an apartment, two hours setting up utilities, and another two hours getting them shut down when it’s time to leave. That’s a full eight-hour workday spent on just a portion of what needs to get done, and that’s just an average. In many cases a lot more time and revenue are lost getting people where they need to be.

Get Those Hours Back

With PaySmart, a single phone call to one of our relocation specialists is all it takes to arrange everything needed to find, secure and move in to the new place. Tell us what you want and need, and everything will be handled for you. We’ll put together a custom package that includes rent, utilities, housekeeping, insurance and anything else unique to you. We even take care of furnishings and schedule deliveries.

5-star service during your stay

You won’t be wasting time after you move in, either. With a single point of contact and our 24-hour hotline, PaySmart can help you solve any problem that comes up and streamline everything from paying bills with a single invoice to making changes during your stay. We even turn everything off when your assignment is over. And with years of experience and national buying power, we have relationships with vendors across the country that often result in discounts that we can pass on to you. It simply doesn’t get any easier to get a custom-made package that saves you time and money.

You don’t have to be an Einstein to know time and money are real and valuable. We’ve been saving people and companies time and money since 1988 with white-glove relocation services. Contact PaySmart today and let one of our relocation specialists show you how to save a lot of both.