Stay Smart with PaySmart

Your easy choice for short-term housing.

Your company sends staff members on remote assignments that last six months to a year. A hotel stay not only racks up a big bill, but it also costs your employee or long-time contractor in terms of focus and productivity. Sure, an endless supply of clean linens and towels has its advantages, but after a while, the transience of conventional lodging starts to feel like a home without a home.

Some companies consider newer forms of short-term lodging to take care of their employees in the field. But “camping out” in a spare bedroom or an apartment whose owner may check in at any time can mean a lack of privacy that’s not a good match for the types of work your people do while they’re in the field.

Maximize convenience, minimize cost

In short, you want to maximize your workers’ ability to focus on their work and minimize the cost of their lodging for on-assignment stays. The best solution to both of those problems? A fully furnished, ready-to-occupy apartment with all the comforts and privacy of home – and with one monthly invoice for everything from the space itself to rental furniture and utilities.

Find the right solution

You can source this type of turnkey lodging in many ways, but not all of them offer you and your workforce real convenience. When you choose the right partner, you gain even more than the benefits of optimized short-term lodging. Whether your staff member or contractor is an engineer in charge of a construction project, a caterer who oversees food services on a military outpost or even a broadcast team member assigned to election coverage, you want their temporary home base to be a no-hassle solution to all the problems of remote assignments.

Do the one step

For one thing, you want that turnkey solution to live up to its name. It’s not “turnkey” if the furniture’s not set up, the utilities aren’t all on yet or your staff member has to call you with questions about how to fill out a stack of paperwork. It’s not convenient if you have to track and pay a stack of invoices each month – or, worse yet, if utility bills show up in your worker’s mailbox. You want the ready-to-occupy convenience of a hotel with the comforts of a real home away from home – and that’s where you need the experts at PaySmart on your side.

Our short-term housing specialists make all the arrangements for a better place to stay – with one phone call to your PaySmart representative. Contact us today for a short-term lodging that’s an ideal solution for you and your workforce.