Stay Smart with PaySmart

Your easy choice for short-term housing.

There may be options available when it comes to handling your short-term relocation needs. But there’s only one really good choice. Online marketplaces, hotels and corporate housing will all provide a place to stay when you or your employees are on assignment, but choosing PaySmart gets you a whole lot more.

Save time and money

Setting up everything you need to move takes time. On average, people spend four hours looking for an apartment, two hours setting up utilities, and another two hours closing everything out when it’s time to move on. That’s a full eight-hour day lost to simply finding a place to live. Then, you get to repeat the process all over again for your next assignment.

With PaySmart, all it takes is one phone call. Tell our short-term relocation specialist what you want, what you need and when you need to be there. We take it from there. Everything. Home is waiting for you, fully furnished with the lights on when you arrive.

Plus, PaySmart allows HR departments to scale short-term relocations for multiple employees. The same process that moves one person with PaySmart moves an entire department. One phone call, and the rest is done for you. No more browsing for locations online, negotiating with hotel sales staff or spending time with corporate housing services. Time is money, and you’ll be saving lots of it.

Make your own choices

You get to choose your location with hotels and online marketplace units, but that’s about it. The furniture? Well, you’ll be living with basic suite-style furnishings or some form of designer chic from the 1980s. Whatever you get, it won’t be your space. Working with a PaySmart relocation specialist allows you to custom furnish your new home exactly as you like it and get the services you want for your temporary home.

And no matter what choices you make, you won’t give up convenience. Bundled billing and one monthly payment for everything, take the hassle out of keeping track of expenses.

Enjoy white glove service

With PaySmart, you deal with real people who are good at what they do and care about doing it well. We’ve been saving people and companies time and money since 1998 with white-glove relocation services tailored to the unique requirements and desires of each person we help. There’s even a 24-hour hotline that helps you solve any issue that might arise.

So, what’s the bottom line? Once you look at your options, there’s really no choice at all. Comparatively speaking, PaySmart stands apart as the only service with one-stop, single-source service that gives you choice, convenience and more than a little of that human touch. Contact PaySmart today to find out how to make short-term relocation easier.