Stay Smart with PaySmart

Your easy choice for short-term housing.

Multi-family properties that welcome short-term residents can maximize occupancy and maintain their regular fee structure when they partner with the right specialists. Since 1998, PaySmart has defined the standard for turnkey temporary housing. Just as we help HR departments, short-term staffing agencies and contractors find the right accommodations for field workers and traveling professionals, we also provide high-quality opportunities that properties can use to meet occupancy goals.

Big benefits in shorter tenancies

Property managers constantly divide their focus between resident acquisition and property upkeep. With PaySmart on your team, you can acquire high-quality residents with virtually no effort. Refer your prospects to us and we’ll take care of the rest: Utilities, furniture rental, services and more. Best of all, you still collect all your regular fees throughout the lease term. Additionally, when recruiters and HR departments contact us to find housing placements, we place their people at your property.

Convenience for properties and property managers

Some apartment complexes shy away from short-term rentals because they assume these arrangements involve more tasks and longer to-do lists than regular occupancies do. When you work with PaySmart, you turn over all those items to us. We’ve built networks of relationships with vendors throughout the U.S., so we have instant access to the resources short-term residents need.

Same fees, no hassles

We don’t interfere with managers’ fee structures. In fact, we make it easier for them to keep properties at full occupancy and obtain all the profits they’re accustomed to earning with “regular” residents. In short, we’re here to make life easier, with a mutually beneficial, no-hassles relationship that fills vacancies with high-quality residents.

Whether you’re in a major market or a smaller town, PaySmart helps property managers close the deal with desirable residents – and build lasting relationships with companies that routinely place employees on short-term assignments. It’s a winning arrangement for properties, managers, companies and the workforce. Get in touch with PaySmart today to explore your options.