Stay Smart with PaySmart

Your easy choice for short-term housing.

Relocating can be an overwhelming experience filled with countless tasks, paperwork, and logistics. However, with the right partner by your side, the process of securing short-term housing for temporary work assignments becomes significantly smoother and more efficient. PaySmart works closely with human resources teams, property managers and individuals to provide turnkey relocation solutions and services. Whether you’re helping employees move to a worksite, managing apartment properties, or embarking on a professional assignment that requires an extended stay of three months or more, we treat you with the utmost care to ensure a seamless move.

Solutions for Companies

PaySmart knows that relocating employees is a complex task for human resources departments. From managing transportation logistics to meeting compliance requirements, HR departments have multiple responsibilities. We act as a trusted partner, providing end-to-end solutions tailored to each company’s needs. PaySmart handles everything from pre-departure support to destination confirmation, ensuring a smooth transition for employees. By partnering with us, HR professionals can focus on their core responsibilities while leaving the intricacies of employee relocation to our experts.

A Property Manager’s Best Friend

In addition to actually managing the property, managers are also tasked with closing the deal with prospects to keep their units occupied. PaySmart is your long-term partner for short-term relocation housing. Simply connect your prospects to a PaySmart representative and lease each apartment directly. We handle all the logistics and setup, allowing you to offer and provide short-term housing without any of the hassles. What’s more, you collect all of your regular fees throughout the lease term. With PaySmart as a partner, property managers stay ahead of the competition by connecting with a short-term housing specialist with the experience and resources to keep occupancy high and problems low.

Focus on the Individual

Since 1998, we’ve been making temporary assignment relocation easy for busy professionals whose work takes them across the country for postings of three months to a year. We are a one-stop shop for traveling nurses, corporate training specialists, entertainment professionals, business consultants and anyone who makes a living taking care of business away from home. All it takes is one call with our specialists to tell us where you need to be and what you need when you get there, and we take care of the rest. Your apartment is furnished and move-in ready upon your arrival.

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to relocation. PaySmart makes life easier for everyone involved. Whether you’re an HR professional, a property manager or taking on a work assignment in a new city, PaySmart can help. Contact us today.